1. Have you ever been so in tuned with someone you craved their presence?

    It leaves you shaking while waiting to get a glimpse of them

    To watch the words that leave their mouth give you chills when it hits your skin?

    Making the fine hairs on your arm stand at attention

    To admire a perfect specimen from their toes to the million and one hairs that lays on top of their head effortlessly

    As they take your breath away just by standing in front of you

    This man

    This beautiful wonderful man in front of me

    With an outstanding personality

    Who is six three and been slept on heavy

    Which bothers me

    But this isn’t solely about me

    It’s about this guy

    This dude

    This man

    Whose name I can’t say just yet

    Who I absolutely adore every aspect of

    From his random selfies

    To the random song lyrics he sends me

    To his country accent

    And his hipster like wardrobe

    Which hides his athletic physique so well

    But that is just a few of the countless things I admire about this man

    He was just a sweet gentle soul that’s wants to be heard

    And I will hold him until he runs out of words

    Then straddle him with my arms crossed around his neck and kiss his forehead ever so gently

    And kiss the tip of his nose and I feel cheeks move to make him smile at me

    I kiss him on his lips tenderly matching his smile with mine

    Kissing my down to his neck as I slowly caress his chest

    Taking a moment to nibble his favorite spot

    Laying my head on chest while planting little pecks on his ribs

    Making my way down his happy trail to poke his thighs

    I think I left lipstick on his leg that day

    I remember kissing up his spine until I got to his ear to whisper in “I love everything about you. Don’t you ever forget that. I know many women slept on you in the past, but sweetheart I know your worth. And you are worth to be acknowledged, everything about you. Don’t you ever forget that.”

    If it’s one thing I wanted him to walk away with from this

    Is that he is worth more than what he thinks of himself

    That he should never see himself as less

    And if he ever feels like he is

    I hope he remember the day I kissed him from head to toe

    Nourished his body with love

    And saw him for the person he really is

    A kind gentle soul who just wants to be heard

  2. " She took me high, then she took me home. Pilot Jones, Pilot Jones "

    My Favorite 

  3. " If you a freak, I can take you to your peek. I do it to the maximum: Nissan. And I hope that you’re a believer. I’m quarterbacking trying to get you open like receivers. " - J. Cole (Back to the topic freestyle - Friday night lights)

  4. " We can do it in the shower. Both of out bodies dipping wet."


  6. Anonymous said: I'm kinda nervous to tell you who i am

    What’s the worst I can say


  7. Anonymous said: No we have spoken through text and fb and on the phone before. We even hung out a few times but i took it to Tumblr to be anonymous.

    You from Bronx or Brooklyn?


  8. Anonymous said: But i tried to talk to you before and you wouldnt give me the time of day and you would ignored me. You never really cared. What would it take?

    Are you 100% sure I ignored you on here?


  9. Anonymous said: When will you give me a chance? You never actually tried to get to know me

    I can’t give you anything without knowing who you are 😄. So please don’t click anonymous next time


  10. Anonymous said: I want to be inside you do badly and i want to eat you out from the back

    Why thank you random citizen for the kind remarks.

  12. Motivational speaker that uses body language


    So in the spirit of Sunday night football and cowboys first game of the season tomorrow here is a post of all the photos I have in my phone of me and my cowboys shirts - I have plates and cups and napkins that I only use during the season. I’m really excited for the season even tho we have one the worst defense in the whole League. But it’s ok. I have my faith and my lucky shirt

  14. The many stages of KCD. From goofy to model, I’m just a trip

  15. "How you balance being batman Bruce Wayne?"