2. In the mist of me getting my life together

    I’ve made a to do list of things I should do by my birthday - Oct 26. If anybody has ideas on what should be on it. From photo ideas to things about poetry to jobs I may like. Just anything please help me - I feel like I’m missing things on it.


  3. iblackguy94 said: What made you get it short, you are beautiful either way :) love your blog BTW

    Yay I love this question && thank you

    So I decided on like February 2013 that I wouldn’t get anymore perms so I wanted to grow it out. But that shit got on my nerves after a while. It wouldn’t curl like it was suppose to. So I was going to cut it off before my birthday as a birthday gift to me but I couldn’t find anyone in time. So I cut it off Nov 20 2013. In my mind my hair was gonna grow fast. And have long ass hair by now. But I was wrong. Sooooooooooooooo yea


  4. iblackguy94 said: As of 07-2014 do you still have the dreds?

    No. I took out my Marley twists - what everyone thinks are dreads - I have my short hair but I dyed it red. But in September I’m gonna reinstall them


  5. Anonymous said: This may be the weirdest thing but I would love to just chill with you naked (I'm a guy) no sex or anything. You just have this freedom about you which is very intriguing

    Why thank you for that. I try my best some days. But hey inbox me off anonymous


  7. Good evening random citizens

    I want to say thank you for following, liking, and or reblogging anything off this page. I usually send out thank you ask - which I’m still doing when ever I can sit still long enough - but just wanted Ya to know I appreciate it all

  8. 6 selfie challenge

    I guess you just post 6 selfies then tag people who should post 6 selfies

    thomasjay32 zeiggy

  9. Throwback no thursday last year on Vday

    My first GIF


  10. spammeat said: Do you ever put up "kitty" pics?

    Nope. And probably would never

  11. The Others

  12. porn4ladies:



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  13. "I told her baby don’t start, I ain’t looking for the way to your heart."


  14. The Batter Man

    I got a thing for you baby you know
    But he doesn’t know what I been thru to get notice
    Had to stretch myself thin
    Shouldn’t have listen to his relationship problems 
    But what does it matter
    I crashed and burned
    For a confused man who doesn’t know what he wants
    A batter man is worst than a batter woman
    They don’t trust again
    Because of that I will never know how it is to talk on the phone
    Or hold hands while we walk thru the park
    Or to meet his boys and play ball
    He will never get the chance to fall in love with me
    And place the ring on my finger that’s close to my pinky
    And for me to officially call him mine
    And make the promise before him and god 
    He deprived me
    He deprived me of calling us a we
    But I still think of him constantly
    And how I let him play me
    He got me
    I must hand it to him
    But what were these last few months to him
    To see how far he can get without making a commit
    Ment I guess that’s what it is
    Giving me that I still love my ex bull
    Don’t say a word
    Leave as a wonderful memory
    Let me rest these thoughts to sleep with the chance of us becoming a we
    And I make sure I wont let him taint it or me
    With his stench of hopelessness and mediocrity
    See I wont let him effect me
    I’ve been thru worse where they carried pain on there back and placed that weight on me
    Tatted bittersweet on me in my sleep
    Thought it was temporary 
    But it made it permanent on my personality
    Yes that was me
    And I was willing to give him all of me even physically
    But he killed my dreams when he never reply to me
    That’s perfectly fine with me
    Cause when I finally get over him I don’t want him to say hi to me
    Go back to the reasons he curve me
    And wave by to me
    For him to know that girl doesn’t hold up to me
    And he left his 80 for a 20

  15. The Lost Files