1. Motivational speaker that uses body language


    So in the spirit of Sunday night football and cowboys first game of the season tomorrow here is a post of all the photos I have in my phone of me and my cowboys shirts - I have plates and cups and napkins that I only use during the season. I’m really excited for the season even tho we have one the worst defense in the whole League. But it’s ok. I have my faith and my lucky shirt

  3. The many stages of KCD. From goofy to model, I’m just a trip

  4. "How you balance being batman Bruce Wayne?"


  5. "I cheated myself,

    Like I knew I would,

    I told you I was trouble,

    You know that I’m no good” - Amy Winehouse - You Know I’m No Good

  6. When hair inspires you

  7. High school throwbacks. Yeaa. I was sweet and innocent looking. But I’m still the same to crazy hair and crazy outfits. I kinda miss these days


  8. Anonymous said: I'd love to get to know you.

    Yay. So inbox me off of anonymous. Or go to KCDworld I should have some ask me questions shit thing there


  10. In the mist of me getting my life together

    I’ve made a to do list of things I should do by my birthday - Oct 26. If anybody has ideas on what should be on it. From photo ideas to things about poetry to jobs I may like. Just anything please help me - I feel like I’m missing things on it.


  11. iblackguy94 said: What made you get it short, you are beautiful either way :) love your blog BTW

    Yay I love this question && thank you

    So I decided on like February 2013 that I wouldn’t get anymore perms so I wanted to grow it out. But that shit got on my nerves after a while. It wouldn’t curl like it was suppose to. So I was going to cut it off before my birthday as a birthday gift to me but I couldn’t find anyone in time. So I cut it off Nov 20 2013. In my mind my hair was gonna grow fast. And have long ass hair by now. But I was wrong. Sooooooooooooooo yea


  12. iblackguy94 said: As of 07-2014 do you still have the dreds?

    No. I took out my Marley twists - what everyone thinks are dreads - I have my short hair but I dyed it red. But in September I’m gonna reinstall them


  13. Anonymous said: This may be the weirdest thing but I would love to just chill with you naked (I'm a guy) no sex or anything. You just have this freedom about you which is very intriguing

    Why thank you for that. I try my best some days. But hey inbox me off anonymous


  15. Good evening random citizens

    I want to say thank you for following, liking, and or reblogging anything off this page. I usually send out thank you ask - which I’m still doing when ever I can sit still long enough - but just wanted Ya to know I appreciate it all